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Digital is constantly evolving and so is programmatic! The fast evolution of the market and its ecosystem makes it hard to predict precisely what the future holds. Nevertheless, it is already possible to identify the main trends that will rule 2019 and suggest 5 good resolutions to take on this year.

Show the best of you…Thanks to data!

After the implementation of GDPR, the programmatic market witnessed the emergence of new data opportunities. If the regulation’s main goal was to clean all or most of the wrong practices, it also raised awareness about the abundance of available data and more precisely of 2nd party data. Whether it is the giant Amazon or trade marketing alliances between brands and distributors, all tend to enhance the value of their data. Publishers make no exception and are also working on the best ways to serve the needs of advertisers. Through audience extension strategies, they allow brands build engagement and continue the storytelling following users’ browsing.

Take care of yourself: Benefit from expert advices

Last year, all the lights were on media traders which are rare and coveted profiles at the heart of programmatic buying. But in 2019, if a good trading desk is still very much defined by its ability to attract and train talents, it also has to offer new consulting services in order to help advertisers navigate through a complex market. Whether it is for making the right device choices, clarifying purchasing methods, recommending the most suitable partners or even delivering useful business insights that will benefit the entire marketing mix, programmatic experts will have to be able to answer all your questions. More than that, they will have to anticipate them. An opportunity not to miss on!

Learn something new: Get a programmatic training

By 2022, 100% of brands consider implementing internally all (62%) or part (38%) of their automated purchases of advertising space.1 Stay ahead of the game and learn now all programmatic mysteries with programmatic experts. While the ecosystem is growing and structuring, the mechanics, tools and reading grids remain relatively complex and secretive. If there is a checkbox on your 2019 to-do list, it should be this one: Follow a programmatic training.

Stay one step ahead: New available programmatic formats

This year it’s decided, you innovate and there’s no way you are going to miss any trend! To help you keep your target engaged, programmatic adapts to all digital communication means and blends in with conversational marketing tools. Exchange in full privacy with your web users thanks to ads linked to Facebook and WhatsApp instant messaging.

Interested in audio advertising? If we look at the progress made in the US – an advanced market – it is very likely that podcasts – whose audience soared last year – will be the next “place to be”! According to tests conducted in 2018, it seems that the giant Netflix and its 137 million subscribers, also considers integrating advertising spots between two episodes of House of Cards and Narcos. Watch out binge watchers! Another screen to watch closely: By 2020, programmatic will be broadcasted on television. Addressable TV is already a much talked about topic. Stay tuned!

Be seen: Branding measurement

In 2019, make peace. Programmatic reconcile branding with performance thanks to many available indicators. With visibility and attention measurement methods, the market now has new solutions to track the impact of your messages. In this context, the CPH (cost per hour) is establishing itself among the other famous KPIs on the market (CPM, CPL, CPCV,…) and advertisers are now able to buy available attention time to ensure the memorization of an ad.

Advertisers, Agencies, programmatic became the essential digital playground for your campaigns! This lever gains in transparency and offers smart and personalized strategies to reach your goals. Don’t miss out this year’s innovations !

1: Viuz



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